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Order "Revival" in both soft copy book form for ordering and the digital version for downloading.  It is the story of my life written by Author Mark Koopmans and offered through Pen-L Publishing.  We all have challenges in our lives we must overcome along our journey.  I hope the book inspires you and helps you with challenges that you may be trying to overcome.   The Official Release was NOVEMBER 3rd, 2015.  The book can be ordered in either format at:





2007: New Chapter

In May 2007, Braswell released his first studio album, New Chapter. The album contains Pop Standards, renowned classics from musical theater, and pieces from the classical and sacred repertoire.


2010: We Fall and We Rise Again

We Fall We Rise Again Cover

We Fall and We Rise Again is a collaboration with composer and arranger Anthony Bazzani. This album contains original compositions and Braswell's interpretation of Puccini's "Nessun dorma" from Turandot. Barnes and Noble hosted a CD premiere event on March 6, 2010 for the national launch of the album.


2011:  Unchained

CD Unchained Front Page

Unchained is another collaboration with composer and arranger Anthony Bazzani. This album contains known standards .Barnes and Noble hosted a CD premiere event on October 3, 2011 for the national launch of the album.


2014:  The Traveler's Tale

Traveler's Tale Cover

The Traveler's Tale is an inspirational album produced and composed by Mark Neidzweidz, a platinum disc awarded songwriter/composer, formerly signed to MCA and Universal music. Artists that have recorded/sung his tracks include - Ennio Morricone - LeAnn Rimes - Katherine Jenkins - Matt Dusk - Ronan Keating - international Pop Idols.


You can purchase the CD version of We Fall and We Rise Again:



"We Fall and We Rise" is available in many stores upon request.  Ask them if you would rather not order here, if it is on their distributer list.  Most stores can order it for you.


You can request an order from the following stores:

Alliance Entertainment, Anderson Merchandisers / Walmart, American Wholesale Book,, Barnes & Noble Bookstores,, Toys R Us, Best Buy, Borders, Books a Million, Bertlesman Direct, Navarre Corp., Transworld Entertainment, Hastings, Deals,,, Target, Meijers

Directly from Barnes & Noble Bookstore in San Antonio call 210.558.2078.

Online order my CD "We Fall and We Rise Again" from the following places online or download it from:


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